The different types of clip in hair extensions available in market

Clip in hair extensions are well thought out as one of the finest and effortless ways to put in length or volume to the hair without the call for to visit any beauty salons. As a subject of reality, they can be easily detached or applied at any point of time and anywhere. You require staying in mind that f you wish to choose the colour that you want can be a easy task but for blonde colour you may have to face slight difficulty.

There are basically two kinds of extensions: synthetic and natural. Synthetic clip in hair extensions are made from diverse artificial fibers and they are somewhat heavier when evaluated with the natural hair. They are frequently manufactured from polyester or silicone. They cannot be colored or dyed at any cost. This means that whatever colour you choose it will remain the same unless you’re a new one. You will find it difficult to even wash them, so they are quiet hard to be maintained.

The natural clip in hair extensions on other side are manufactured using the natural hair. It can be easily treated as your own hair. They can be easily washed and conditioned with a shampoo and you can dry them dye and colour them also. You can easily trick other people as they are hard to distinguish. However they are costly when compared with the synthetic one. You can also easily get them of any colour that you wish for. You can also visit hair extension hair to get more information about the product.


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